Intuitive Energy Healer and Spiritual Life Coach

These pains you see are messengers. Listen to them.
— Rumi

Is this how your life feels now?

Energy healing in Toronto

Change is one decision away

You feel stuck, unloved, and lonely and your life is spinning out of control. It might even be that sickness got hold of you. 
I understand how hard it is, You want to hide, to avoid people in your life. Things that brought you joy before,  not anymore.  
I help people like you to align with their authentic selves and sense of self-worth daily. 

You too can create a life that you love. 

Why settle for a dull life that you cannot relate to?

A life that feels like one long day without joy while accepting fear and stress as a norm.
Life can be incredible – allow it.
You can manifest the life of your dreams, one that flows easily and fulfilling. You can finally feel at home. 

I am an Energy Healer, Sound Healer, and Spiritual Coach. I am here to guide you to find your unique spark and energetically heal and balance any disharmonious aspect of your life. 

I combine vibrational therapies with Coaching to clear your energetic blockages and teach you how to do it yourself. These vibrational therapies release stuck energies from your field, allowing the body to heal and function more effectively. When your emotions are repressed and you are under constant stress it creates layers of tension and friction in your energetic field so dense that it manifests physically in your body as pain and illness.

8-Week Soup Solution Program

The 8-week Soul Solution program is the answer for you. You get energy-healing and mentoring sessions over eight weeks that change your life.

A laser-focused program for you and your needs. One program where you learn all that I learned in my lifetime and energy healing sessions to help you attain your goals faster by clearing your energetic body.

It is time to invest in yourself. Your light and spark matter more than you can imagine now.

What this program has to offer


You transform the energetic blocks, balance your energetic centers, clear cords, reduce the chatter in your mind and so much more.


You learn the root cause behind the issue you’re experiencing and the knowledge to overcome it to create the life of your choice faster.


You get energetic know-how to maintain and heal mental/emotional states as you go.


Sessions are over Zoom, one-on-one, and you can connect with me as needed through the program.


You get all recordings of the sessions for future review. Each time you’ll listen to them, you’ll discover something new

Years of Trials only in 8 weeks

All I learned in so many years with so many amazing teachers, all the knowledge and how-to I condense into 8 weeks program so you can have it now.


With regular vibrational therapies, you have a greater alignment with your true nature. This alignment is a key to success in any aspect of life. 


What They Say.

Based on 5 reviews
Sahil Dhingra
Sahil Dhingra
Sonia is amazing! She helped me improve my self-trust, decision making, how I show up in relationships, and sense of authenticity to make decisions. She helped me identify limiting beliefs and my blind spots, is a very good listener, and guided me to be a better version of myself. I'm very grateful for her support & mentorship!
Sonia is a true earth angel! 🌟😇❤️🙏🏼 I experienced 3 major events which I call miracles, literally the moment I left her place! I have already booked my next session with her & truly look forward to being in her kind, relaxing & healing company🤗😇🥰 Asal🌟
Stephanie McLean
Stephanie McLean
Sonia is an amazing women! Such a beautiful and gentle soul. She is very intuitive, wise, and works with you on the level where your at; weather your new or experienced. She is truly a Gift.
Veronica Daley
Veronica Daley
I recently had a healing session with Sonia... it was a fantastic experience. She is highly intuitive, and specific in her healing work.
Beverley Anderson
Beverley Anderson
Thank you for having crossed path with me,my experience with the healing has been profound.I have been in expectancy of the rest in its unfolding,as I remain open for its manifestation.I have released what no longer serves me as each day has been new since the session.After the session when I came home I slept from about 8pm until morning without waking up,I have embraced it as a part of my healing and transformation,preparing for my next level.With all the different energies we're all facing throughout this pandemic,I would recommend your services to anyone who would like answers for their growth and alignment.The reason for my recommendation for this therapy is that I am also a healer,but after a near death experience, I felt stuck,and needed some help,and the Universe has its way of sending you what you need just at the right time.I am grateful for the work you have done and may GOD continue to BLESS THE WORK OF YOUR HANDS.

Who I work with…

I work with people globally via Zoom and in private.

I work with people who: 

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