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The nature of this work is not bound by space or time; therefore, you don’t need to be physically present.  We meet over Zoom or any other agreed-upon platform.


Energy Healing and Teaching Session (90 min) – $180

Twin flame Guidance and Energetic healing Session (90 min) – $180  

Mini Transformation – 4 sessions – $750 – Energetic Healing and Guidance based on your specific needs to transform your life. You learn as well the energetic tools needed to continue your journey. 

8 weeks Soul Healing Program – Energetic Healing and Guidance to transform every aspect of your life, specifically tailored to your individual needs. In only 8 weeks, you clear and learn all you need to know to transform your life and vibrate on higher frequencies. Connect with me via the form below me to schedule a short discovery call.

Group Healing and Teaching Sessions are also available, where each individual can ask to heal his specific area or issue. 

Payment can be sent via e-transfer to or the PayPal button below. Use the form below to schedule a session or send an email to

You can write a  short description of the reason for reaching me and your intention for our session.

I will respond as soon as possible to confirm the details of our session.

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