Light Quotient

You heard a lot about heart and mind coherence or that all of us are connected to one universal mind. Can you imagine where you actually witness this connection? It is so difficult to describe in words. Although I have seen this several times, it still feels like a scene from a science fiction movie to me. Can you imagine being in a state of connection with everything, as though you are part of the mind of all that surrounds you?
You can reach this state without any need for hallucinogenic. It is possible to start seeing beyond the darkness, as though when you are accustomed to it, subtle energetic connections appear that look and feel like neural connections in our mind. In that space, you feel whole, safe, and at peace. This is the space where you are in direct communication with your Higher Self. Ask yourself if you are frustrated or triggered, maybe you need others to validate your worth, do you love yourself? How often do you feel in the flow of life where synchronicities happen often?
In my experience with my clients:
when you clear your shadows (the dark side of your nature),
when your energy fields (chakras) are aligned
when your masculine/feminine energies are balanced
When the Light you hold in your body rises, your quality of life transforms.
I help my clients achieve this and more in several weeks only, in my 8-week Soul Healing program. The quality of your life drastically changes for the better. Private message me to schedule a free short discussion over Zoom.
The most powerful force in the universe is LOVE'
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