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My journey into the discovery of the healing arts began when I got terrible news from my doctor. My family physician told me that from now on, I need to be accustomed to the pain, headaches, and constant brain fog. To which I at once replied, “that is not true, my body can heal itself”.  Little did I know then, how true my response was. That second, I just knew that the life my doctors prescribe me is not worth living. 

I understood that they are unable to help so I embarked on my journey to change the life I was prescribed. I learned not only how to heal myself, but also uncovered gifts and abilities I did not know I have. From total darkness, hope appeared but there is more. Since my decision to learn all that I could to help myself, it felt like some unseen hand guiding me to find the answers. Synchronicities started to happen. Each time I learned one step and applied it to my life, the next step opened in front of me, and so forth. This journey helped me to remember who I am, and what is my unique spark.

As Unique expressions of the One, we have the power to manifest our life.  I can help you to find your unique way to connect to this knowledge from which all healing flows.

I feel so grateful for the unseen hand that guided me to be here, now, in this special time for humanity, and being able to guide others through their journey. The program I created to help you is the culmination of all that I learned and experienced until now. I see it as my higher service at this time.


"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi

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