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I am an Energy Healer and Mindset-Shifting Coach

Change is one decision away

I’m here to offer you something special beyond traditional energy healing. My approach is embracing a holistic perspective, combining various powerful techniques. This includes sacred geometries, DNA healing, connecting with Archangels, tapping into Golden Energies, and much more.

What sets my approach apart is that it’s not just about energy healing; it’s also about transforming your mindset. Without this inner shift, we can return to the same struggles before we know it. That’s why I prioritize tailoring my work to your needs, delivering the information and healing you need here and now.

Among my most remarkable gifts is being a channeler and DNA Healer/Activator. Many of my clients have experienced a noteworthy awakening of their spiritual abilities through our work. These practices offer tremendous benefits, and I aim to help you experience this transformation as quickly as possible.

I Invite You to Join Me

As an Energy healer, I understand what it’s like to search for answers and healing in a world that can feel overwhelming.

I have a lifetime of rich experiences and have devoted myself to mastering many beautiful holistic methods. After many years of practice, I can condense all the wisdom I have learned to help you achieve change in your life through the power of energy healing. With my guidance, you can finally break free from the limiting beliefs and negative patterns holding you back and step into a life of abundance, joy, and purpose. 

Are you ready to unlock the limitless potential that awaits you?

Imagine waking up each day feeling energized, inspired, and fully connected to your purpose. By working with me, my clients experience a profound shift in their energy, raising their vibration to new heights. They discover a more profound sense of meaning, become empowered creators of their own lives, and unlock the ability to heal themselves from within. The result? A life filled with abundance, joy, and limitless potential. Are you ready to join them?

It all starts with making a decision and taking action!

Don't settle for a mediocre life when you have the power to create a life you absolutely love!

It’s within your reach, and I’m here to show you how.

Together, we’ll unlock your full potential and design a life that fills you with excitement and purpose. You deserve to wake up each day feeling fulfilled and happy, and it all starts with taking action. Let’s do this!


What They Say.

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Sahil Dhingra
Sahil Dhingra
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Sonia is amazing! She helped me improve my self-trust, decision making, how I show up in relationships, and sense of authenticity to make decisions. She helped me identify limiting beliefs and my blind spots, is a very good listener, and guided me to be a better version of myself. I'm very grateful for her support & mentorship!
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Sonia is a true earth angel! 🌟😇❤️🙏🏼 I experienced 3 major events which I call miracles, literally the moment I left her place! I have already booked my next session with her & truly look forward to being in her kind, relaxing & healing company🤗😇🥰 Asal🌟
Stephanie McLean
Stephanie McLean
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Sonia is an amazing women! Such a beautiful and gentle soul. She is very intuitive, wise, and works with you on the level where your at; weather your new or experienced. She is truly a Gift.
Veronica Daley
Veronica Daley
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I recently had a healing session with Sonia... it was a fantastic experience. She is highly intuitive, and specific in her healing work.
Beverley Anderson
Beverley Anderson
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Thank you for having crossed path with me,my experience with the healing has been profound.I have been in expectancy of the rest in its unfolding,as I remain open for its manifestation.I have released what no longer serves me as each day has been new since the session.After the session when I came home I slept from about 8pm until morning without waking up,I have embraced it as a part of my healing and transformation,preparing for my next level.With all the different energies we're all facing throughout this pandemic,I would recommend your services to anyone who would like answers for their growth and alignment.The reason for my recommendation for this therapy is that I am also a healer,but after a near death experience, I felt stuck,and needed some help,and the Universe has its way of sending you what you need just at the right time.I am grateful for the work you have done and may GOD continue to BLESS THE WORK OF YOUR HANDS.

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I work with people globally via Zoom and in private.

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