Create Harmony and Well-being in your Life

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Create Harmony and Well-being in your Life

Hello Beautiful Souls, as you know, this Blog intends to help as many people as possible vibrate on a higher frequency and be in the flow with Life. Thinking about it today, the word Harmony comes to mind. At the start of my awakening journey, I always felt Harmony is missing from my Life. I had this unexplainable yearning for Harmony, but all I saw was discord.  

Today, I know it is in our hands to create Harmony in our lives. We can project unconsciously into our reality our core wounds and our shadows, or we can consciously choose to recreate our life to be harmonious. Yes, to recreate ourselves from scratch is not for the faint-hearted. It is much easier to let our Ego to take hold of us. Our Ego thrives on creating drama to control us. You, as a powerful being can choose differently. Your Spirit (Soul) is in command, it sends messages to your Hearth. Do you respond to the whispers of your Soul and take action to recreate your life? Do you prefer to listen to the loud voices of your Ego and create the same patterns that created havoc in your life? The choice is always yours. 

Take time to pose, take a minute or two to connect to your essence, be quiet, and listen to the wisdom that hides within you. Your Ego, and we call it “Monkey Mind” will jump at every opportunity it has to call you crazy, to bring fear into your heart, and remind you how incapable you are. Oh, your Ego knows exactly what buttons to push. To quiet your “Monkey Mind”, you can:

  • chant “Love, Peace, and Harmony” – these words are high vibrational words. 
  • Take three deep breaths
  • Meditate
  • Walk in nature
  • Create art
  • Dance, sing, or anything else you love to do

Just move your attention from your Ego mind.

It is also important to know that discord in our life is not always our doing. There is something called Karma in this world, it is about karma we create this life through our thoughts, emotions, intentions, actions, etc, but there is more. It is also karma we created in our previous lives; even the karma that our ancestors created affects our lives today. I do not tell you this to create additional anxiety in your life. I mention it since we are powerful beings that can clear it in this life.  Some ways are:

  • Ask forgiveness for the hurt and harm you and your ancestors created in all lifetimes. In a previous post, I gave you a beautiful Ho’oponopono prayer.
  • Chant high vibrational words and all I mentioned above.
  • Be of service, it should come from your Heart and not out of fear.
  • You can ask for a blessing to heal your Spiritual body, knowing that when your spiritual body is healed, the mental/emotional and physical bodies are healed eventually too (check my website

This is a vast topic that I will discuss in small chanks in future posts. For now, if you want to start creating Harmony in your physical life, start practicing harmony in your inner life. Your mind and heart should work as a team to bring forth your Soul’s message for your life.

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